Several words About The Great Gatsby (2013)

Though Cannes Film Festival is the front page of movies these days, I have few interests on it. After all, the best part is still not coming, so I choose to have a look at this movie. We know that this movie is adapted from F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name, which was rated at the number in the best English novels in the history by the academic authority.

Director: Baz Luhrmann.

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire


The entire movies is telling the story of writer Nick, who came to New York City from western at 1922 spring. It is a time that full of weak morality, honor Ser, hooch family, and strong stock market. He was chasing his American dream and lived as the neighbor of millionaire Gatsby. The opposite bay is the house of Daisy and his romantic husband Tom Buchanan. Nick is deeply attracted by the fantasy, love, and lie of rank and fashion. Then, he write a story of love and undead dream to present the struggle of that time.


The most moving scene in the movie is that Gatsby arrived at Nick’s house before daisy but run out. After got wet in the rain, he pretended to arrive a moment ago. The miss of 5 years is fully expressed. I don’t want to speak too much about the film because the viewers should go to the cinema to see this film. Throughout the recent movies of Leonardo, everyone of them is well enough to let the fans go into the cinema.

Iron Man 3: Good Movie but Not Good Iron Man Movie

Here are some complaints from the original work’s fans.

As a simple commercial film, this film can be rated as eight. The plot is intricate, action scene is awesome, characters play well, and there is no obvious shortcoming. It also can be said as the best film is the series of Iron Man.


However, it is not a good Ironman movie, in my view. In the process of watching, the scenes are terrific, plots twists and turns, but I feel worse as the time past. When Tony explored the armor and dropped the reactor, the unpleasing up to the summit: it is not a Iron Man movie any more.

The fans of original works have a lot of reasons to complaint: for example, the Mandarin becomes a contemptible scoundrel. But when we think it attentively, these are still not the reason that makes me unpleasing; the fundamental problem is the details: the theme and figures out of the subject.

The movie wants to express the anxiety disorder of Tony: New York makes him know that he is only a common guy, and so he is so eager to rebuild his armor to increase the sense of safety. The shell has become his cage, so he exploded all of them to represent that he is out of the status.


In the memory of mine, what Tony did is improving his technology genius to the summit with no fear even face to the enemy like Thanos and phoenix. Even in the criticized Iron Man 2, this kind of spirit exists. However, Tony loses his head in the competition of technology.


Though don’t satisfy with it, I can understand the feeling of the writer and director. They want to find some breakthroughs but what they find is RDJ than Tony Stark. Until now, I can understand of the mentality of the Batman fan.

Some Thoughts About Django Unchained

Movies Specs:
Director: Quentin Tarantino, Writer: Quentin Tarantino, Stars: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio

Summary: In 1858, two years before the Civil War, the Germany bounty hunter Schulz bought Django from slave owner and made him become a freeman. In fact, he was planning to train Django to become another bounty hunter. The only term of Django is saving his wife Broomhilda from the Calvin Candie.

In the movie, Doctor Schulz tirelessly explains the meaning of Broomhilda in the legend. The meaning is very obvious, and then I start to search other names meanings. Django Freeman: Django is a name of Gypsy, another status of awake. It is also the movie name of 1966. Dr. King Schulz: a typical German name. In the ancient Germany, it is an occupation helps others take back their debts. This is very similar to the character in the movie. And the guy that killed Schulz is named Butch, very directly.

Besides the names, there is a very interesting change: before the death of Schulz, Django is very serious and sensitive in many occasions. However, after the death of doctor, he became another Schulz especially when he cheats on the guards. The action, words, and the wanted is just the same. The meaning of the doctor is not only chained the iron chains on the foot but also the mind.

Another man I noticed in the movie the Black steward, I forget his name but he is also a common character in the daily life. It is an unpleasing character who treats the Black worse than the white. Though it is not represented in the movie, it is not hard to imagine that he was very hard to the so-called niggers. Thanks that there is no slavery now.

The Croods (2013)

Though March is a off season of movie, the Croods still pushed me go into the cinema. Until March 25, it got the box office of $43.6 M. Looks the specs first:


Directors: Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Writers: Chris Sanders, Kirk de Micro

Actors (voice): Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone.

IMDB grade: 7.5

The story is about the life of primitive family Croods. The master of the house is Grug (dubbed by Nicolas Cage). They have the same day to another: snatch the ostrich hatching eggs as food, hide from the beasts, listen the story by Grug. The elder daughter EEP (dubbed by Emma Stone) is a normal girl that with opposite opinions with her father. She doesn’t satisfactory with the same life in the cave and want to explore the world.

One day, the end of the world is coming and cave is destroyed. They have to go for another life. The world presented to them is a new world with dazzling scenes and dangerous. The man-eating birds and beasts are around.


In the crisis of new life, they encounter the man of Nomad that called GUY. With the creativity and new minds of him, the family successfully gets through kinds of difficulties. It some become of the idol of family, and like every movie does, he fall in love the EEP. However, what is the aim of this unknown guy? What is the home of this family? The stubborn daddy, traitorous EEP, mysterious Guy, crazy old lady, simple brother, melting mother, combined to the subject of this movie.


There are many highlights on the journey, for example, the crocodile-dog, and parrot-tiger. Even they produce some hi-tech products. The family creates a breathtaking yet interesting story to the viewers. One of my friend claimed that it would let the remaining animated film turn pale.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

March is a relative watery month in the movies. Rather than wait for the coming movies, I’d like to recall the old films. Today is Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

It is a 2009 film based on the true story of a faithful Akitu Inu, the titular Hachiko. Is a remake of the 1987 film Hachi-ko. –from Wikipedia.

Release date: June 13, 2009

Director: Lasse Hallstrom. Main Cast: Richard Gere (Parker Willson), Joan Allen (Cate Willison), and Sarah Roemer (Andy).

Hachi (Forest) is a dog full of mystery because no one knows where it came from. Professional Parker (Richard Gere Richard) picked up it at the station. In the mouth of the daughter of Professor, it is Hachi found her father.

At first, his wife Cart (Joan Allen) is resolutely resisting of raising the dog, but the harmony scene that Professor and Hachi in the yard finally changed her mind and accepted Hachi. Under the raise of Parker, Hachi grew up. Every day at eight, it will along with Professor to work and wait him at station at eight of afternoon. These movements also attract the appreciation of others. Many locals know it and often give some foods.

One day, on the way of Parker going to work, Hachi played the game of picking up the ball abruptly and trying to stop Professor from the train. However, Parker still died on the class that day. Parker’s daughter brings it to their new house but Hachi choose to back to the station and wait for Professor. This same thing continues for 10 years.

The movie is based on the true story that happened in 1930s at Japan. Someone said that rather than call up people doesn’t eat dog meat, you’d better to direct a movie like Hachi. In fact, this kind of film can recall the mercy in people’s heart. We need this kind of movie.

Brave: Oscar Best Animated Feature

About several weeks ago, I predicated the Best Actor, Director and Actress in this blog. Two of three become true. But today I want to introduce the Best Animated Feature: Brave.

Release date: June 22, 2012 (USA)

Directors: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell

Brave is a 2012 American computer-animated fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

In the trailer of Brave: No matter what your age is, home is your rest bay. Over the years, the great war stories and legends of magic has been one mouth, from one generation to another. This is another great movie from Pixar at Scotland. The brave princess Merida is the firstborn daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She is a excellent archer with uninhibited personality. The entire movie is telling the adventure story of her.


In order to find the way of her life, she refused to inherit the leaders of 3 tribal. The rude of Merida brought chaos and disaster to the kingdom. When she sought help from the witch in the forest, the witch implemented a disastrous mitotic. The disasters forced she try her best and corporate with her triplet brothers to erase the mitotic to know the meaning of courage.

Besides the great adventure legend, the classic characters as well as the humor style of Pixar, this movie is praised both by office box and the mouths.

Let’s see the history list of Best Animated Feature: Rango in 2011, Toy Story 3 in 2010, Up in 2009, Wall E in 2008, and Ratatouille. In fact, the previous 5 animated features are poorer in office box and presented different meanings. In fact, the Brave is more suitable for parents take children to cinema.

Upside Down: The Love Between Gravity and Antigravity

The film is directed by the Cannes Golden Palm directors Juan Diego Solanas. The film describes an upside down world. Recently, the film exposures its first science fiction movie trailers, in which describe the unique dual gravity planet that exists in the solar system.

Release date: Dec 10, 2012 (USA)

Director: Juan Diego Solanas

Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Jim Sturgess, Don Jordan, John Maclaren, etc.

Screenplay: Santiago Amigorena, Juan Diego Solanas

In the trailer of science-fiction version, in the chaos and dark blue night sky, the lower world boy Adam: Jim Sturgis, sitting at the top of the mountain looked far from the star around the clouds gradually. The film describe Adam meets IDA (Kirsten Dunst) who comes from the upper world. Their love not only separated the barrier of identity, what’s worse, there are living int reverse gravity world.


The Upside Down is displaying a visual feast through a mythical story. Unique twin planet in the solar system, their quality and living conditions are exactly the same, except that they have opposite gravity. Two planets have developed a pair of mutually upside down world; they can look up to the other world, sky is another world’s ground. Director Solanas heavily uses the wide-angle and fish-eye lens to express the magnificent panorama of two worlds. In order to show two people living in the planet, the Director has set up an intermediate world where, gravity remains adverse, but the people from two worlds have infinite close.

Different from other large emphasis on action, explosion scenes, the Upside Down places more emphasis on the visual and unique. The movie designer Michelle McGahey who severed for the Matrix is providing the art oil painting-like art style. However, many consumers think it is great in 3D effect while poor in the story.


The Predictions of 2013 Oscar: Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress

There is no doubt that Oscar is the most influential movie award all around the world. The 2013 Oscar is coming soon, what is the best movie, who is the best director and other similar questions are asked most these days. Thought we still don’t know the answers of them, we can do some predictions.

2013 Oscar Best Director

The nominees: “Amour” Micheal Haneke, “Beasts of the Southern Wild” Benh Zeitlin, “Life of Pi” Ang Lee, “Lincoln” Steven Spielberg, and “Silver Linings Playbook” David O.Russell.

The prediction: Ang Lee. The second Prediction: Steven Spielberg. The race is definitely between Spielberg and Lee for they good box office in the past 2012. Why Ang Lee? But take into account the absent of Spielberg these years, the possibility of Ang Lee is bigger. But these two movies are totally not the same style, so the answer is still in the sky. And we have known that Life of Pi has no nominees in best actor and actress (as there is no actress), so what is the power that makes it has 11 nominations, the answer is Ang Lee.

2013 Oscar Best Actor

The nominees: “Silver Linings Playbook” Bradley Cooper, “Lincoln” Daniel Day-Lewis, “Les Miserables”, “The Master” Joaquin Phoenix, and “Flight” Denzel Washington.

The prediction: Daniel Day Lewis. The second prediction: Bradley Coopper. Spielberg’s Lincoln received over 12 nominations and it seems that there is no powerful competitor in the best actor except Bradley Cooper.

2013 Oscar Best Actress

The nominees: “Zero Dark Thirty” Jessica Chastain, “Silver Linings Playbook”, “Amour” Emmanuelle Riva, “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, and “ The Impossible” Naomi Watts.

The prediction: Emmanuelle Riva. The second prediction: Jennifer Lawrence.

Not like the drastic competition in best director and actor, best actress is commonly thought will be given to Emmanuelle Riva for her great performance in the Amour.

The Most Useful Photography Tips and Tricks to Help You Look Like a Pro

It seems that taking a good picture is pretty easy, but the truth is that there is much more to it than just pointing and shooting. It is hard for beginners to find out useful information from the mass on the web. Here we pack together a bunch of the most popular tips and tricks for newbie photographers.


Exposure is one of the most important factors to take into account when learning photography. The two main points that have to do with light are shutter speed and aperture.

It is very important to choose a right shutter speed. If it is too long, the image will blur. Or if the shutter speed is too short, the light sources in the image can be streaky-looking just like little comets.

The size of aperture decides the amount of the light. By making adjustments to the aperture, we can change the depth of focus, so that the focus of the observer can become a particular part of photograph.

Camera setting

Learning how to set the camera is an important place to start. Don’t be afraid to mess around with some of the settings to see what they do firsthand. Having a good plain-language glossary of photography and camera terms can help you understand a bit better.

Besides, choosing the right lens is also important. You can use a calculator to figure out the focal length to help you determine which lens you should use when setting up a particular shot. Before going to the market to buy a new lens, you should first know about what different types of lenses do and how to choose the right one.

Composition – the rule of thirds

Using the Rule of Thirds can make it easier to use negative space, is a cool trick for getting the right balance in an image. The rule of thirds requires you to divide the image up into three rows and three columns, and basically a tic-tac-toe board. Then, put the important parts of the picture near where the places the lines intersect.

In addition, using different exposure techniques to focus on a particular part of an image can help you master using negative space in an image.


Just remember that you can finally master well the whole shooting techniques and settings only through constant practices.

007 Skyfall Review: Far from Expectation

2012 is the 50 anniversary of 007 movies. In this most memorable year, 007 film is turned to the Oscar Awards of the United Kingdom Director Sam Mendes. Skyfall is the twenty-third James Bond film. Mendes makes the film into retro and also the most England style movies. First the shooting scene is located in United Kingdom, everywhere is London old building, Scotland wild old, London old of Metro tunnel, and so on. Every scene is expressing the charm of Britain.

In the previous two films, Bond is not Playboy anymore. The other hand turned “gentleman agent” the traditional image and let 007 become someone like Jason Bourne in the Bourne Identity series: blue-collar agent. The first appearance of 007 is a wrinkled shirt didn’t fasten buttons. In the film, Mendes obvious feel for playing too much before and vowing to right. The love theme of first two is disappearing in the film and Bond is back to playboy again. Personal image is also return to suits, you can continue to walk the tough secret fan of the Bourne Identity, but gentle must be retained, no matter how fierce fighting and chasing, smart suits and neat hair .

Though the director takes serious on the combination of retro and creative, it display out Director seeks to difference of creation mentality, but I want to say, the effect is not well especially the character and the role is connected smoothly, which is far from the expectation of 007.

The most thing that can’t understand is why the villain so powerful. It is common that are at foreign, how they can remain so “supernatural powers” United Kingdom local? Blow up MI6 headquarters, attacked bandits plus helicopter gunships of the public hearings, attacked the Scottish castles, etc. Come on, this is not in war-torn areas or one of the smaller countries of the third world, but the British Empire itself, terrorists can so easily, it’s insane!